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.Madagascar lifestyle is ABOUT My life in Madagascar for the past 20 years.  I have been an artist for more than 40 years in the USA.  I traveled back to the USA  from Madagascar each year to do art shows all around the USA.  I  also have won many awards at art shows and galleries.  I have taught the arts at City College in Santa Barbara. Having traveled to 30 countries around the world I  decided to settle in Madagascar. Over the years I  traveled all around the big island of Madagascar. Now, I am living in Madagascar full time so  I wish to continue my art career in the arts and focus on the Madagascar lifestyle. I share with you my designs about Madagascar  & Lifestyle. I have teamed up with print-on-demand international companies because shipping direct from Madagascar is expensive and difficult because of the remoteness of the big red island.   I hope you enjoy and collect my artwork and designs that represent the wonders and magic of this island paradise.  Madagascar has some of the highest biodiversity on the planet. Of roughly 200,000 known species found on Madagascar, about 150,000 are endemic -- meaning they exist nowhere else. There are  18 major tribes and 70 sub-tribes with interesting culture and customs that are layered with various voodoo lifestyles that has a  history of 2,000 years.  The original inhabitants of Madagascar are Austronesians,  Austronesian languages, formerly Malayo-Polynesian languages.  I have lived in Hawaii for 7 years which may explain my natural affinity for Madagascar. If you would like to learn more, or perhaps you have a dream to travel to Madagascar then come visit and join my Facebook group of over 4,000 members that discuss Madagascar Lifestyle. The group is called Madagascar Expat Lifestyle- 

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